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Acetylene welding outfit is the aggregation for steady join of separate parts of the economy of our country into one whole system which functions without failures, for solving of human problems and development of the technological state complex.

Each person at least once saw the welder when he was working. In the childhood it is like sentimentalize image. Who did not hover in font of graling sparkles which ring a bell of Bengal light, Christmas tree, New year, but in fact not so many people know how to weld and what we need for the welding in order to everything will be steady and sightly. From these little KC-TRADE company is the most competent one.

The Company sells welding equipment and materials in Kazakhstan since 2002. The Company delivers different equipment since 1988, consistently going behind the market situation and constantly participating in its formation. The Welding as a key technology is used in all spheres of the production activity: on the land, water, air and even in vacuum cosmos space it is difficult to go without welding. Initially KC-TRADE company paid its attention to establishment and development of specific guarantee for the supplying goods. For this reason the special repair subdivision was established which is now provided with repair parts and sets for all equipment, which the company sells.

The main activity of our company is providing industrial enterprises, private entrepreneurs and individuals with welding equipment. The major advantage of our company is constant partners so we try to increase their amount as well as to attract new one. To conform the demand of buyers we go behind the market situation, complete and improve the assortment of the production. From the very beginning of our activity we pay the most careful attention to the assortment of our goods. Now in our price-list you can find almost all goods needed for welding. The ability quickly and flexibly respond to buyers demand even under significant volume of the orders, provides the presence of products which are much in demand.

The basic principle, the foundation of our work, is the orientation toward satisfaction of the concrete needs of the concrete buyer. So we constantly improve the system of orders, introduce new technologies, try to be reliable and profitable partner, be honest with our clients, partners and employees.

One of the main competitive advantages, on which we stake, is a quickness and completeness of the order execution. Our activity is closely connected with constant increasing of the efficiency and quality of the work. It is necessary to note that KC-Trade company is not the only company delivering the welding equipment to Kazakhstan. But herewith it has easily occupied its own extensive niche and it is difficult to compete with this company.

Our company is dynamic developing company which combined professionalism, experience, energy and responsibility. Our partners always can expect to complex solution of any questions concerning the delivery: broad nomenclature of the delivered products allows to satisfy need of clients majority. The shortest time of order fulfillment, acceptable prices and extra privileges for constant clients; the information providing and regular direct contacts with producers allow providing clients with necessary consultations and information-technical support.

Today KC-Trade company has got close trade relations and stable partnership with producers of the welding equipment and technology: OPO The plant of welding equipment "KAVIK", JSC The electro machinery construction plant "Selma", Ural plant "Uraltermosvar". The result of this alliance became the enormous spectrum of the delivered welding equipment, created on the newest patent technologies by Russian and Ukrainian scientists and engineers qualified on welding characteristics in scientific research institutes of these countries.

Any modern production requires exact and complex mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics, complex electromechanic elements and microprocessors, and consequently can not go without steady join of all its elements. The welding device is an aggregation for join metal details and construction.

On our web-site you can find the common information, technical parameters and price-list of the delivered products. The nomenclature of goods constantly expands. We are sure that we could solve all your problems concerning the completing and selection of the industrial equipment. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.
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