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Св-08Г2C Св-08Г2C
Productions: Mezhgosmetiz

UONI-13/55 UONI-13/55
Productions: Mezhgosmetiz

Electrode for welding mild steel  MT-12 Electrode for welding mild steel MT-12
Productions: TianJin Minmetals

MT-12 is low carbon steel type electrodes with titania coating. It has excellent welding technological performances. The arc is stable and the spatter loss is negligible. The slag is fluid and when hardened it is compact and easy to remove. The welds have smooth appearance. It is suitable for all position welding of steel sheets and irregular joints even under unfavorable conditions.
MT-C56 MT-C56
Productions: TianJin Minmetals

MT-C56 is low alloy steel type wires covered with copper. It is able to prevent gas porosity and slag inclusion producing due to the deoxidation depending on Mn and Si in the wire jointly. In this way, the crack resistance of weld metal can be developed and obtained satisfactory mechanical properties.
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