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Our company sells and services welding equipment and materials at the moment they received at warehouse and before they will be included in work of customer


KC-trade focused efforts on creation and development of real warranty on supplied goods. We have specific repair unit for this. The unit is supported by spares and repair kits for all equipment KC-trade sold. There are highly skilled workers who able make any repair of any welding equipment, warranted by company. Today KC-Trade has good dealings and partnership with welding equipment and equipment makers: LLC "KaVik" welding equipment factory, open joint-stock company electric machine industry factory firm "Selma", Ural factory "Uraltermosvar".

As a result, we offer a huge range of welding equipment established at newest patented technologies of Russian and Ukrainian scientists and engineers and certified for welding properties in research institutes of these countries.

KC-Trade is able to deliver equipment for practically all types of welding: transformers for simple welding and universal welding rectifiers, used in construction works as power source for manual arc welding and cutting and surfacing metals. Such specific enterprises, as Imstalkon, prefer to order semiautomatic welding units to weld steel wares in protective gas medium by steel wire and automatic welding units under flux layer by welding non-ferrous metal wares. This highly actual units at service station, in aircraft industry. They are used in manufacture of large aluminium and non-ferrous metal tanks. And finally, diesel-welding units, which themselves represent almost "small factory": diesel powered plants, able to provide welding in any, including field conditions. They are indispensable in construction of oil and gas pipelines, tunnels, construction of road bridges.

1 The company has not only batch production. It could agree special preferences its customers with makers time and presents products that best meets specifications of the customer. The company knowingly complicates own tasks, meets customer's requests. From the beginning, the company set high level, which has to be attached to increasingly high mark of quality, timeliness, feedback with client. This should ensure to the company not simply good position in the market, but significant new positioning of its business, as business as new kind of high-tech, dynamic and caring about their clients. There were created seven branches in seven provincial cities of Kazakhstan for these purposes: in Astana, Karaganda, Ust'-Kamenogorsk, Taraz, Shymkent, Pavlodar and Semipalatinsk. All branches are to the same rules, single not changing the price structure and sell and service buyer in the same way as parent company. Who benefits? Of course, everybody including consumer.

Main consumers of production - our construction companies, the oil and gas system of the republic, agriculture, the energy sector of the country. And each time, selecting products by comparing the different manufacturers, KC-trade trying to look at welding as welder. Because of this way, supplied production meets requirement of efficient and fast work, reliability and unpretentiousness of use.
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